Salosh is one of the top leading entertainment platforms in India. We serve as a family, not as a come and go kinda platform.

We are developing a community /family of Artists such as poets, singers, dancers and many more. Our wholesome interest in starting this organisation was to provide a platform to all the budding artists who needs a helping hand to get a push-start towards a happening career & we are pleased by doing so in the past years and hoping to continue exponentially through digital media platforms too.

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What our clients say


Niharika Yadav (Poet)

Salosh is a wonderful platform for all the artists, like me, it's been an amazing journey with the team. This platform gave wings to my art and creativity, which somewhere got abandoned in my buzy and crazy fast racing engineering career. I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the Salosh family for their creative efforts, and constant support from scheduling flexible shooting hours to releasing videos on the channel and also for treating the artists like stars. :p Thank you salosh for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of your family and share my art with the world and inspire so many. I even got an influencer collaboration opportunity from a renowned page for a motivational session, named Nazm aur Kahaniya with Niharika, this was just splendid. Thank you for helping an amateur artist to start her journey and explore hidden potentials.

Aarti Yadav (Poet)

Salosh is the first platform on which I performed an open mic... But after associating with salosh I felt like it's the only platform which is growing the artist with themselves... The vision of the people running salosh is way unique from everyone... Like they are growing with helping the talent to grow... The best thing about salosh is that you feel like a family with the people in Salosh... Once you'll get associated with you just feel that you should never get detached with salosh even you would have performed at any of the platforms... Salosh is not only a platform to grow it's a family that supports your growth.

Khushboo (DU College Student)

Salosh is not a word for me, it's an emotion. My first step towards my success journey started 2year back. [Oct2018]. It's a blessing to be part of Salosh??. We have a culture where we are incredibly self-critical, We don't get comfortable with our success. we believe in relentless refining are skills and knowledge as a team as an individual. I have worked as an organizer, promotor & A big supporter of Salosh How to organize an event, competition, managing our team is in our vein. It has changed my life & has the potential to change anyone's life. Best Platform for learning new skills & growing out of the box.