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About us

Salosh is a one-of-its-kind performance venue in New Delhi. Salosh is a platform for the community of writers, poets, singers, photographers, actors, and more coming together to promote art & culture.
India is a country of Art and Culture. Every Indian is having an artist inside however, many of these do not choose Art as a full-time profession.
But for many who wants to be a professional Artist, a proper platform or stage is most important but not all of such creators get an opportunity to showcase their talents on a professional stage.
As a result, many such arts remains unfinished.
In recent years, we have seen some improvement in this and some platforms in the form of Reality and Talent Hunt shows started to give opportunities to artists on bigger stages. However, these mediums are not accessible to everyone and do not cater to the larger population.
Having a long term vision for all the Artists we took this initiative to start this never-ending journey with all the beautiful Art Lovers.
Usually, every platform focus on their growth, and the Artists are left behind.
After getting in touch with every artist who performed on our platform personally, we got to know about the problems which they face. They get fame but don't have any separate identity.
To tackle this we help them in starting their own YouTube channel and help them to grow it.
Many amazing artists have done great through our YouTube program & one of them is renowned artist Mr.Shekhar Deep(Ravan Vani).
Since the Covid Pandemic changed the whole picture, it changed our way of working too.
We moved to an online mode.
We have conducted many successful online competitions till now and are continuously motivating the Artists to keep moving.
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