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IDigitalPreneur Academy presents
The FasTrack Internship

FasTrack Internship is a 3days Internship Programme where you’ll learn

Public Speaking Skills
Overcome Hesitation
Increase Confidence
Financial Literacy
Subconscious Mind
Personality Development 
Be Corporate-Ready
Money Making Skills
Make Like-Minded Friends
How To Be A Team Player
And Many More…

By accepting all Rules & Terms

Nazm - The Poetry Competition

SALOSH™ is presenting A Poetry Competition for all the budding Artists who need a reputed stage to show their art.
We are proud to announce that we are one of the first companies to bring the idea of an online talent hunt competition to the table.

1. Starts from 22 January till 26 January
2. Time Duration Limit: 1min to 2min.
3. Language: No Restrictions
4. Last date of registration: 24 January
5. Judges will use the following criteria to evaluate participants -

Confidence and Stage Presentation
Time Factor
Video Quality
The originality of video(least editing & modulations will be preferred)